Wilmont Knives are all made and hand built by Chris Williams, Chris recently retired with over 20 years served in the U.S.Army. Chris has a long history of crafting things with his hands that inevitabley led him to making knives. Chris's prior obsession was as a pistolsmith and building 1911pistols for competition use.  Chris has served combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and several other lesser known *hitholes and feels he has a good idea of what a tool you can trust your life to needs to be.  Because lets face it you never know
what the next turn in the road has in store for you.
Our shop is located right outside Fayetteville, NC about
9 miles off of Hwy 95.

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Wilmont Knives knows that more knives equal better life. Its a Scientific fact. Dont deny yourself better life.
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