Below I have a few Utility fighters for sale, these are almost 3/16" thick (.175). These are made from 1084 high carbon steel and parkerized black. This knife is 8 3/4" long with a 4" blade. This knife ships with a kydex sheath and clip for $125.00

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Above is my SIWI fighter made from D2 steel hardened at 60 on the Rockwell C scale. It has been acid etched black and has Sculpted G10 handles for durability and a secure hold. This knife comes with a Kydex sheath and a Teklok clip for $255 shipped. This knife is 3/16" thick.

Sorry this is all sold out now

 Below you will find my K25 knife for sale, this knife is made from CPM-154 stainless steel. That I blacken with acid to darken. This is a run of knives I started 2 years ago and just now finished, These knives are flat ground and I now prefer to hollow grind this model. Also the plunges on this run are not perfect, IE Scales might be 1/16" closer to the plunge on one side vs the other. Truthfully you will probably not even be able to tell, but they are not as good as I currently do. So these will be heavily discounted to get them out of my shop. These DO NOT COME WITH A KYDEX SHEATH.  These will be delivered for $110.00, while you dont get to pick your handle color you can tell me in the comments section of your payment which you prefer and I will see what I can do. NO RETURNS, If you dont get the handle color you want, deal with it and trade or sell it.

Above is my Pocketskinner, this is a larger version of my Littleskinner. This knife is made from 1095 steel that is parkerized black and is 3/16" thick. It comes with a kydex sheath and a G clip so it can be attached to a belt in horizontal carry as shown. Knife with clip and kydex delivered sells for $110.00

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