Below is my Beerdefender Wallet. This was designed as a joint collaberation with Harp Leather. Harp is a

retired Army Veteran and we are designing several more exciting collabs together Stay posted. This wallet has two pockets for Id and a center pocket for cash. I carry mine in the front pocket and its the perfect minimalist wallet.  Retail on this wallet with a Aluminum black beerdefender is  $85.00

This is my Beeracuda, It is available in Titanium and Aluminum. Aluminum versions are anodized black and a host of all other different colors and retail for $50.00 and the titanium version comes in a rainbow of colors and retails for $99.00

Below is my Beerdefender, It is available in Aluminum, titanium, Stainless , Copper and Brass.  I make these in varying thicknesses from 1/4-3/8" and sometimes thicker on special runs. These retail from $40-$99 depending on material and thickness.

This is a Beer opening top, It is made from 1/4" titanium and anodized a whole spectrum of colors. A ball bearing pressed into the center hole  to allow this to be spun when one is not opening a tasty beverage. Retail on this beer opening top is $50