Making the world better one knife at a time.

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Wilmont Knives

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Hello My name is Chris Williams, I have been making Knives for about 15 or more years. It started out when I was in the Army as I wanted a certain sized knife and could not find it locally. I retired from the U.S. Army after having done 20 years in the SOF community. I then was a mechanical engineer for 8 years before finally going fulltime as a knifemaker and tool manufacturer (Wilmont Grinders). I make knives in the stock removal method and forge my knives as well. I also make all my own Damascus. Thanks for reading this and check Youtube for knifemaking videos I have posted, Search Wilmont Grinders on Youtube to find my Channel.


Hi If you would like to reach me for any reason then fill in the form to the right and Ill get right back to you. I am not currently accepting custom commissions, or in other words my books are closed. Thx
Chris W.

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