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I'm a AluminumBeerdefender and I am 3/8" thick. This beerdefender comes with a anodized finish and weighs 1 oz.  This is a very lightweight beerdefender in aluminum, being made in Alumninum means it wont open as many beers as my Titanium, or stainless beerdefenders. The hook will eventually wear, You will probably get about 50-100 openings before you must retire it to just defending your Beer. Lastly the Orange color is slightly splotchy, seems I did not do a very good job cleaning that batch before going to the plater.

Im only selling 10 of each color before I sell out.

Colored Aluminum Beerdefender

  • Colored beerdefenders I normally dont sell on my website but since Ive been out of black AL beerdefenders for a year I put a small amount of Colored ones up. I usually save these for Knife shows I attend.

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