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This is our pizza cutter, this pizza tool is made completely in my shop. We make the frame, handles, and blade support all out of G10.  And we turn the titanium 3" disk (1/4" thick) on our metal lathe till it has about a .020 edge, Next we sandblast if for a satin sheen. Some colors we only have in limited numbers, if you see one you like dont dally. Some variants we are only making 2 or 3 of. These pizza tools come shipped for $150.00

We are offering no international sales on this item, Continental USA sales only.


I will be assembling more every day, color choice will change daily. I have about 30 more to assemble and update website before I run out of this run of 50!! Once I run out it will be 45 days or more before more are available. Getting low now, have a few more choclates, some cherry and some BLack and white coming soon. 


Kale= this looks black most of the time but in the right light you can see its a very dark green (This is the only one color pizza cutter I make.

Choclate= choclate brown and black.

Black/grey= Black and Grey

Pizza cutter

  • We use different colors of G10 for the handles and 6al4v titanium for out pizza disk that is then lathed manually on our 12"x36" metal lathe.

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